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The lives of many young Ugandan women are disrupted by unplanned pregnancies, leaving them feeling rejected, hopeless and unsure of their future. We educate the public about the importance of modesty, abstinance and purity; we expose the process and consequences of abortion and support young mothers with unplanned pregnancies as they transition into motherhood reducing the tragedy of abortion, abandonment and the related metal health issues.

Things don't always go as planned. We understand and are here to help.

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African youung women

Together We Save Lives

50%  of the women in Uganda end up with unplanned pregnancies and over a third of them decide to abort their child. We have helped many  women choose life by walking with them and supporting them in their difficult journey into motherhood.

Here is how to get the help you need


1.Reach Out For Help

Easily contact us via Email, Whatsapp or give us a direct call.


2. Meet Our Team

Tell us your story and get to know us.


3. Get Support 

We will assess your needs and support you through your pregnancy and into motherhood.

Meet our brave mothers who made the choice for life

Its not just a choice, it is a LIFE!

Everyone has hopes and dreams for the idyllic picture of happiness, free from hardship and suffering. But life rarely goes as planned. We are at times forced to make hard choices about the best way to go.


Some of the hardest choices we need to make in life are when other lives are involved. In the case of an unplanned pregnancy, the choice to protect and choose life for the vunerable can be difficult. The choice of life for the unborn is a choice to sacrifice one's own dreams of the future and rewrite the story one was hoping to live. We believe the call to motherhood is a noble and honorable calling.


At His Image Ministries we help young women make the transition into motherhood, reducing the tragedy of abortion. Truly the hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world.


Download our free infographic to learn more about the harmful effects of an abortion.

  • 1. Whats "Lets Talk About Life"?"
    Lets to talk about life is a program we developed to just talk about life. Every week we choose atopic of discussions and get together to talk about it. Our goal is to to share ideals and be inspired to be better people making better choices as we go through life.
  • 2.What Does VIP Mean To Us?
    Our V.I.P. program stands for "Very Important People" because we believe life begins at conception and a pregnant woman is really two individuals.
  • 3. What Is the Mission?
    Our mission is to invest in the lives of the many young ugandan women who face unplanned pregnancies. They are often left feeling rejected, hopeless and unsure of their future. Our goal is to support young expecting mothers as they transition into motherhood reducing the tragedy of abortion or abondonment.
  • 4.What Is Our Survey Program?
    Our survey program was developed as a way to understand what people believe about abortion and connect with them. We want people to know they have options in the case of an unplanned pregnancy and we are here to help.
  • 5.What Is abortion minded?
    A young pregnant woman may become abortion minded (seek to get rid of the unborn child) when they face an unplanned pregnacy without a clear path into the future.

Take a moment to watch the amazing journey of the unborn

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