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VIP Stories


Grace was 24 years old, a mother of two children, and three months pregnant when we first met her. After realizing that she had conceived and was pregnant, she talked to one of her friends (names withheld) who happens to be a sister (member) of Followers of the Way Church in Kampala and that is how we also got to know about her.

She was abortion so when she was referred to us we scheduled a meeting immediately and called her to come and meet with the team.

Before conceiving, she was operating a small business where she used to earn money to sustain her family. Still, she was scared that her business would collapse because she was unable to work like before due to the pregnancy but we encouraged her to keep pushing.

We talked to her about the harmful side effects of abortion and gave her time to think about it because she was not sure of which decision to make but after thinking about all the side effects she was scared and decided to keep her baby.

 It was so encouraging to find out that Grace changed her mind and decided to move on with her business and also think of doing something new for her business.

We continued offering psychosocial support to her and she gave birth to an adorable baby boy.

The names and some details are changed for privacy reasons


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