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VIP Stories


At seventeen years old, Viola got pregnant and was referred to us by one of the staff's friend from Jinja. We decided to offer support to her from where she was staying because we realized that she was staying with her mother and she was very supportive.

At first, she was abortion minded but later changed her mind after our Social Worker took her through counseling.

She had most counseling sessions via phone till we made a physical visit to her home in Jinja where she was staying with her mother and other siblings.

Her main reason for having an abortion was because she had separated with her boyfriend (father of the baby) because he was so violent and she was afraid that she couldn't take care of herself and the baby.

We continued encouraging her to keep pushing and assured her that we would walk with her through the pregnancy journey.

The ministry continued offering emotional and financial support as she moved on her pregnancy journey. She later gave birth to a baby boy and we are so grateful for having saved the innocent baby.

The names and some details are changed for privacy reasons


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