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VIP Stories


Prossy was referred to us by her friend who once participated in the Impact Makerere University with Life Survey. 

She was 22 years old when we got to know her. She encountered a lot of challenges as she was trying to convince her boyfriend that he was responsible for the pregnancy. 

She tried many times to get in touch with her boyfriend for solutions. Still, all her efforts were in vain, and after realizing that her boyfriend was not willing to take responsibility, her only option was to have an abortion. 

Her friend got to know about her condition before she aborted and started offering some counseling to her advising her not to abort but she later referred her to us for further counseling.

One of the staff members started having counseling sessions with Prossy via phone because she was too far for us to have physical meetings with her. 

During the counseling sessions, Prossy changed her mind and decided to keep her many.

We also requested her to talk to her parents about her condition because they were not aware of her pregnancy.

She was able to talk to her mother and aunt about the pregnancy. She then moved to her mother's home from her aunt's.

She was later operated on a baby girl and we are so thankful as a ministry that Prossy's baby was saved from abortion.

We also thank her friend for the referral, it was because of her that a life was saved.


The names and some details are changed for privacy reasons


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