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VIP Stories


Sasha was nineteen years old when she became pregnant. Her mother was very sick during the lockdown and they didn’t have money for rent or medical bills. Their landlord, a married man and a religious leader, offered to give her money and excuse them from rent if she would sleep with him. She agreed to the landlord’s conditions and before she knew it, she was pregnant by the landlord. When she informed the man about her pregnancy, he told her that she had to abort. When they objected, the man threatened to kick them out and demanded his money. Because of the pressure, Sasha agreed to do the abortion until someone connected her to His Image Ministries. After some counselling she decided to keep the baby. A friend offered them a safe place to stay. His Image Ministries provided transport and helped her move to the new place. Sasha gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who she loves very much.
The names and some details are changed for privacy reasons


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