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VIP Stories


Carol was 22 years old when she became pregnant. Most of her friends advised her to have an abortion. During this time, Carol met Stella who told her what the downsides of abortion were and connected her to His Image Ministries. 

Carol called His Image Ministries and got some counsel for her situation and later planned a physical visit to meet with the staff. Life was difficult for Carol, as a young girl. 

She was forced into working jobs that were not good for her and not a good environment to care for a newborn baby. Because of her situation, His Image Ministries provided a safe place to live during her pregancy and while she nursed the baby. 

She delivered a healthy baby boy at Glory of Christ Hospital. She fell in love with her baby immediately after he was born. Carol is now living with her son and a proud and happy mother.

The names and some details are changed for privacy reasons


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