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VIP Stories


Barbra was 22 years old when she first came to His Image Ministries. She was referred to us by her sister who once participated in the surveys that were conducted at Makerere University. 

Her reason for considering an abortion was because her boyfriend was not showing any sign of responsibility and secondly, she was afraid of letting her parents know about her pregnancy. 

We tried engaging her boyfriend but in vain so we planned on making peace with her family in Rukungiri.

Before traveling to Rukungiri, we first took Barbra to the hospital for a scan to see the state of the baby in the womb because she had never gone for one. Reaching the hospital, we realized that Barbra's pregnancy was due so the doctors advised that she should be induced but it all failed and she ended up going for a C-section. 

Barbra was operated a very healthy baby boy and after she had healed, we took her to her parents, talked to them, and by the time we left all of them were at peace.  

The names and some details are changed for privacy reasons


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