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The spark of life is that moment when human life begins by fertilization taking place at conception. Fertilization and implantation is the key moment in human life and when that happens, the unborn baby has been granted a right to life. It is the beginning of a unique new human being whose right to live has been recognized as an equal to yours and mine because he or she has been conceived in love and exists by God's will from conception through birth. The spark life of human life begins at conception when a human embryo enters its mother's womb.


The unborn have a right to life-based on the laws of our nation and civilization. God creates us in His image and we have a right to life. They have a right to life from the moment they are conceived and must be protected from abortion which includes the right to be free from unjustified or involuntary killing because:

  • Abortion endangers unborn children's right to life. It is not a compassionate solution to unintended pregnancy because it deprives that same human being of his/her right to be born or loved.

  • Abortion removes the special gift of life from innocent human beings who are growing with their mother's body, independent of their mother, yet dependent upon her for sustenance.

  • Abortion takes away the right of the unborn person to live on this earth, therefore it is immoral because it takes away one's right.

  • Abortion takes away the right to life of the unborn child and undermines the sanctity of human life.

  • Abortion takes away one's rights and denies a human being's dignity.

  • Abortion is murder because it denies a newly created human being its complete ability to develop normally or as God designed it for them.

  • Abortion is a tragedy for an individual, their family, and society as a whole.

In the womb, life begins at conception, human life is created by a new human being. Every human being has the right to life from the moment of conception.

Abortion takes away this right and must not be allowed to happen. Every unborn child, at every stage of development, has a right to life. It is not just an issue of ethics, it also has legal consequences. The right to life is inherent in all human beings.

The spark of life is the beginning of human life.

We know things might not be easy and life seems so hard at some point. You may be having an unplanned pregnancy or going through post-abortion trauma and not sure about your next step, do not lose hope His Image Ministries is here for you. we offer free counseling to unprepared mothers and fathers, post-abortion counseling, emotional support, spiritual support, and others.

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