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Imagine a child being torn apart, dismembered, disarticulated, crushed, and destroyed. Have you ever thought of the pain these babies go through during the abortion procedure?

The silent screams, it's a real thing. But too often we don't stop to think about the unborn. What is an abortion like? Why are they talking about it? Do you know what the first-trimester abortion is? Or is there a procedure to help women who have had an abortion? Do you know the obscene things that are being said and done to these children during these abortions? What if you could help those who are denied justice? what if you could speak up for the unborn?

Can you imagine the pain felt when doctors perform the abortion procedure? It is a tragedy that millions of children do not live to know the joy of life. It is so hard to find an answer but I do know that these innocent lives need help and so do their mothers.

Abortion is a monstrous crime committed against the most defenseless and vulnerable members of society. It tears them from their mothers, from the arms of their loved ones, from life itself. It allows the state to steal their potential for love, friendship, and happiness. The abortion industry profits from people's pain and suffering; it wants their money for taking away their children's future.

Abortion is a horrible thing but many refuse to see it that way. You see abortion is not just a procedure. It's also a gateway to oppression and abuse against women and babies who lack the right to live their own lives. Abortion procedures are ruthless. They create even more suffering for the women involved and their children and their family members, friends, and society. Pro-choice activists claim that this is because abortion is a women's right but the truth is it is never someone's right to end some other person's life. After all, everyone deserves a right to life.

Abortion is not a women's right, It is not a personal choice. This is the time when we need to stand up and speak out. The best thing to do is talk to someone, and find out what they think about this subject. If you want to help these babies, if you are a pro-life person, I am sure that the unborn children are your loved ones. If you feel the same way you should know what those children go through during the abortion procedures. These babies may scream but no one will hear them and the question is, how can we help them get justice?

When someone is pregnant, it's hard not to be moved by the helplessness of an innocent child. And when that child is killed? it's even more complex. The unborn go through everything imaginable during the abortion procedure including the drug used to produce an abortion, a shot to detach the placenta.


For women who have experienced an abortion and need someone to talk to, who have children whose lives have been destroyed because of the decisions made by their mothers. We hope that this information is of help to you as you search for healing.


In this youtube video, Dr.Benard Nathanson explains what babies go through during the abortion

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