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Sasha was nineteen years old when she became pregnant.


Her mother was very sick during the lockdown and they didn’t have money for rent or medical bills.


Their landlord, a married man and a religious leader, offered to give her

money and excuse them from rent if she would sleep with him.

She agreed to the landlord’s conditions and before she knew it, she was

pregnant by the landlord. When she informed the man about her pregnancy, he told her that she had to abort.


When they objected, the man threatened to kick them out and demanded

his money. Because of the pressure, Sasha agreed to do the abortion until someone connected her to His Image Ministries. After some counselling she decided to keep the baby. A friend offered them a safe place to stay. His Image Ministries provided transport and helped her move to the new place.

Sasha gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who she loves very much.





Carol was 22 years old when she became pregnant.


Most of her friends advised her to have an abortion. During this time, Carol met Stella who told her what the downsides of abortion were and connected her to His Image Ministries. Carol called His Image Ministries and got some counsel for her situation and later planned a physical visit to meet with the staff.


Life was difficult for Carol, as a young girl. She was forced into working jobs that were not good for her and not a good environment to care for a newborn baby.

Because of her situation, His Image Ministries provided a safe place to live during her pregancy and while she nursed the baby. 


She delivered a healthy baby boy at Glory of Christ Hospital. She fell in love with her baby immediately after he was born. Carol is now living with her son and a proud and happy mother. 




Josephine was abortion minded when she first met with His Image Ministries. She was referred to His Image Ministries by a doctor from St. Joseph Clinic in Wandegeya. She hadn't been well informed about abortion and didn't understand the risks associated with the choice she was planning to make. 


After being told of all the risks of abortion and the blessings of having a child, Josephine called back, deciding to keep her baby.


She was assigned someone from the His Image Ministries team to walk with her and support her through her journey to motherhood. She safely delivered an energetic baby boy who is three years old now.


Through Josephine's interaction with His Image Ministries, she became interested in knowing the Lord.  She had the opportunity to study the Bible and join a loving church community where she now lives and raises her child. 









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